Buying Tips

Buying Tips

When considering buying a house or land the most important thing to consider is the location. Choosing the right location can often be the key to a good investment that will continue to increase in value.

North Stradbroke Island is a prime location being coastal and is an area that promotes a certain lifestyle that many people want.

Key Features in a property make it more appealing when it comes time to sell, these are;

• A good view
• Close to amenities & facilities
• Large backyard
• Original historical aspects
• The direction the house faces (eg. where you will get the most sunlight)

You must decide whether your budget includes funds to renovate or not. If so then choosing a home that needs a bit of work but still has some key features such as a view or original historical aspects, can give you the chance to design the property more to your liking.

Once you have made a decision and signed a contract on a property, make sure you get a building and pest inspection done by a qualified and reputable firm.

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